Do your style and the mask match?
facebuddy™ is not a medical mask and is no replacement for single-use filter masks. The purpose of the latter has always been giving sick persons medical care. In healthcare, safety – not style – is paramount.

What is facebuddy™ specifically?
facebuddy™ is best described with the term nose/mouth cover. facebuddy™ is a reusable hygienic protection mask for your nose and mouth area. Its purpose is to protect the people in your immediate surroundings, for example if you are experiencing acute cough or a runny nose.

Our facebuddy™ is designed to be worn every day without you being significantly impaired in your everyday life. Skin compatible and breathable special fabrics. In proper style.

The facebuddy™ brand

Our products offer you high quality at affordable prices. The products are sold at a fair price. We stand for personalized style and great fit, offer two sizes and a wide variety of designs. For the kids we offer the most popular TV heroes and characters – simply style for kids. Our concept for perfect fit has been tested anatomically.

Normality instead of abnormality.
facebuddy™ is a modern hygiene product that will fit into your life as if it had been part of your life all along. For decades masks have been a normal occurrence on the streets in Asia. In Europe however, they are associated with disguise or masking due to a completely different cultural context. We at facebuddy™ are convinced that in the future responsible people will take more care regarding hygiene and mutual protection – also in Europe.

Mask up your business!
Use facebuddy™ masks as valuable give-away as part of Employer Branding or a promotion for your clients. We will gladly assist you with the graphic design to perfectly represent your company.

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